Two months of gleeeeful travel, hook or by crook

10 - Summary, GLEEE

Before you read the blog…

This is the GLEEEE Family’s blog of their 2015 trip across the USA in a gigantic RV. Well, technically, Emerson stayed home for this one. It is filled with musings, pictures, stories, and learnings as we drove across the continent.

While we have allowed the blog to be easily accessible to anyone who knows the challenge question, the URL address for the blog is otherwise considered private and not linked to by publicly accessible websites.

Thus importantly, we want to ask you: please do not share this blog with others.  This includes posting links to it on the internet, including Facebook, or copying pictures, or sharing our private information.

We take our family’s privacy very seriously, and in the light of so many data breaches these days, we err on the side of safety. We love to share the intimate details of our thoughts, but preferably only with you, our close friends.


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