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Post-Trip, Transit

Day 80-85: Homecoming

Frankfurt, Germany, Transit

Day 79: The Sun Never Sets

Frankfurt, Germany, Transit

Day 78: And Off We Go

Swiss Alps, Transit

Day 71: Transit to Helvetia

Salzburg, Austria, Šumava, Czech Republic, Transit

Day 66: Shear Fun

Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic, Transit

Day 64: In Need Of Some Healing Waters

Prague, Czech Republic, Rathen, Germany, Transit

Day 60: Rasta Time


Stage 3: Rathen, Salzburg, Switzerland

Prague, Czech Republic, Transit

Day 51: Pisek ->Pribram -> Praha

Šumava, Czech Republic, Transit

Day 44: Straight To Stříbřec (say that 3 times fast!)


Day 37: On to Šumava

Budapest, Hungary, Transit

Day 36: Budapest Requited, Austrian Wine Country

Budapest, Hungary, Transit, Vienna, Austria

Day 34: Time Travel to Budapest 


Stage 2: Eastern Europe

Transit, Vienna, Austria

Day 32: Ahoj & Ahoj (Hello, Goodbye)!

Munich, Germany, Transit

Day 31: 94 years and counting

Munich, Germany, Transit

Day 29: München Homecoming


Day 28: Resilience – France to Germany


Day 26: Ode to Benedict


Day 21: Dry to Wet

Musings, Transit

Day 15: A-Maze-ing


Day 8: From Mountains to the Sea


Day 4: Inside Out


Day 3: Guten Morgen and here is your car


Day 2: A day at 30K feet


Day 1: Departure Day

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