Visit the desert in the height of summer? Why not? Some like it hot! Join us for 2018’s three week tour of the National Parks in Utah and Colorado.

5 weeks on the trail? Are you serious? Well, it is worth a shot! Spend five weeks on the Pacific Crest Trail hiking across the State of Washington.

Join us for a 6 week Tour of Scandinavia to welcome our new Volvo to the family. Along the way we devoured awesome cuisine, explored incredible vistas, cruised through inspiring fjords… and of course, danced to ABBA all summer long.

The biggest summer vacation ever – a 3 month tour through Europe. We packed the big events in pretty tight – so buckle up and join us on our tour through the Old Country.

Come celebrate Nana and Grandpa’s 50th Wedding Anniversary with a Cruise to Alaska! Fjords and Mickey, Dog Sleds and Railways. How did we manage to do so much in just a week?

Take two months to travel across the USA in an RV? What could go wrong? Culture, History and Family awaits!